Appalachia has always been a place for farmers.
Amongst the breathtaking beauty of the region is a network of generational family farms and small businesses that have kept the tradition alive. Ancestral mountain farming techniques are blended with modern agricultural practices,
and land that was once mined for coal has been reclaimed to produce a rich tapestry of food products.

Appalachian Gold unites regional farmers by producing food products that are 100% Appalachian. Using ingredients grown on Appalachian farms, each product is packaged and distributed from McDowell County, West Virginia. Bring the richness of Appalachia into your kitchen. From our farms to your table, each Appalachian Gold product is authentically Appalachia – grown and produced by the hard-working farmers of the region. We are proud of our region and committed to strengthening our farming community. Your purchase of Appalachian Gold products supports the family farms and agricultural traditions of Appalachia.  
Thank you for eating Appalachian!